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Wildcat Clutch Housing Blower

Wildcat Clutch Housing Blower

SKU: 307 WCC

A cooling system for the Arctic Cat Wildcat UTV.

Heat is your belts worst enemy!

Utilizing a 12v dc inline blower that installs inline to the stock air intake duct and mounts above the engine. Draws air from behind the drivers seat high enough away from water and debris. 

System comes with a on/off switch that is connected to the battery. The stock system can draw air through the blower when turned on or off with no restrictions. Comes with hose duct, 4" blower,on/off switch and all electrical connectors.

This is a simple drop in system that installs in less than an hour. Detailed instructions are included.


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Цена: 19213 руб.
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Цена: 19213 руб.
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