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Kenda Speed Racer 19X7.00-8

Kenda Speed Racer 19X7.00-8

Whether your looking to go hard surface racing, or just need to be more caring of the turf, the Speedracer is the tire for you.

  • New front and rear specific tires designed for ATV / Utility turf / hard surface applications
  • Excellent design for ATV supermoto and dirt track racing


Item #_US  - 085460840B1 
Product Features  - Front 
Size  - 19X7.00-8 
Ply Rating  -
OD_inches  - 19.10 
OD_mm  - 487 
SW_inches  - 7.14 
SW_mm  - 182 
Max_Load_lbs  - 175 
Max_Load_kg  - 79.55 
Max PSI  -
Tread Depth_mm  - 9.5 
Weight_lbs - 10.72


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Цена: руб.
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