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Глушитель Yoshimura RS-2

The RS-2 is a really versatile and very potent pipe. It is basically an evolution of our original TRC design but with a slightly different (pyramidal) shape that features increased volume. The volume enables a quieter system and larger core, which in turn increases power and power delivery.

Diamond shaped Hi-Volume Muffler comes with 96dB USFS spark arrested insert. Optional inserts available are motocross 99dB non-spark arrested insert, and 94dB motocross non-spark arrested or off-road spark arrested insert.

Comp Series mufflers come with an aluminum canister and 96db USFS spark arrested insert. Pro-Series mufflers are available in either titanium or carbon canisters and come with the 99db non-spark arrested insert.



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Цена: руб.
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