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CST Clincher Front CU03 25x8.00R12 E4

CST Clincher Front CU03 25x8.00R12 E4

The Clincher is an aggressive, radial-constructed tire for your ATV or side x side, optimal for hard pack and intermediate terrains.

  • Radial construction offers a plush ride, absorbing jarring feedback from rocks, roots, braking bumps and other obstacles.
  • Larger contact patch than a bias ply tire keeps more rubber on the ground for greater traction.
  • Interlocking “C” design keeps the center tread rolling smooth over hard pack, while more aggressive shoulder knobs provide extra bite.
  • Smooth, predictable performance through a wide variety of conditions.
  • Non-directional tread pattern, 6-ply rated construction and a rim guard.


Check out the glowing review of our new Clincher utility ATV tires in the April issue of 4-Wheel ATV Action magazine. The editors praised the Clincher’s “crisp, direct cornering” and “impressive grip and wear resistance in hard and rocky terrain.”


Tire Size  - 25x8.00R12 E4 
RS (in)  - 12x6.5 
PR  -
OD (mm/in)  - 635/25.0 
SW (mm/in)  - 203/8.0 
Tire Pressure (kpa/psi)  - 140/20 
Max Load (kg/lbs)  - 160/355 
TD (mm/in) - 16.0/0.63


  • RS = Rim size (diameter x width)
  • PR/LSR = Ply rating or Load/Speed Rating
  • OD = Overall diameter
  • SW = Section width
  • Max Load = Maximum load
  • TD = Tread depth


Model and size availability may be limited by market.


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