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CST Abuzz Rear CU02 AT27x11-12

CST Abuzz Rear CU02 AT27x11-12

The all-new CST Abuzz is an all-terrain tire built to help you conquer every trail condition from soft to hard terrain, including mud, rocks and roots. Its self-cleaning tread pattern sheds mud for consistent traction, and its aggressive design will look great on any machine.


  • An all terrain tire built to conquer everything from soft to hard pack terrain, and mud, sand or rocks.
  • Lightweight construction for effortless steering, quick braking and rapid acceleration.
  • Shoulder lugs provide extra traction while cornering and help protect the sidewall in rugged terrain.
  • 6-ply rating construction for extra load capability and durability.
  • Long-lasting compound formulated for traction on a variety of terrains.


Tire Size  - AT27x11-12 
RS (in)  - 12x8.0 
PR  -
OD (mm/in)  - 660/26.0 
SW (mm/in)  - 262/10.3 
Tire Pressure (kpa/psi)  - 45/7 
Max Load (kg/lbs)  - 200/440 
TD (mm/in) - 20.0/0.79

  • RS = Rim size (diameter x width)
  • PR/LSR = Ply rating or Load/Speed Rating
  • OD = Overall diameter
  • SW = Section width
  • Max Load = Maximum load
  • TD = Tread depth


Model and size availability may be limited by market.


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