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17 HDATV Polaris Sportsman & Razor Heavy Duty Turbo Cam Arm Set of 3 (Fastner Kit)

17 HDATV Polaris Sportsman & Razor Heavy Duty Turbo Cam Arm Set of 3 (Fastner Kit)


We developed this monster to tame the turbo charged 800 cc motor. This cam arm can be loaded a whopping  107 grams. This will keep your engine off the rev limiter and harness the power your making at the proper rpm. The cam arm roller surface is also wider than stock providing less roller wear on your clutch. 

Each arm is supplied with tungsten inserts and washers that can be used in various combinations to achieve the desired operating RPM. This new design allows the option of adding large quantity of weight to three different areas on both sides of the cam arm to create the shifting characteristics you desire. Our add on tungsten inserts weigh 7 grams each and steel washers weighing 1 gram each. There is no other arm on the market that allows this wide range of adjustment.

Kit includes three 65 gram base arms and 32 grams of hardware to add per arm.

The SUPERTIPS are a drop in piece that requires no modifications to your primary.


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Цена: 27365 руб.
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Цена: 27365 руб.
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